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Welcome to Couplings Company, Inc. Supplier of Brass & Nylon fittings, and valves nationwide Since 1946.
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Couplings Company, Inc.
570 Bond St.
Lincolnshire, IL
Tel: 847/634-8990
Fax: 847/634-9282
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Couplings Company, Inc. is a leading supplier of quality brass-fittings. We have been in business for over 60 year (est. 1946). Today we warehouse over 8000 items, and we provide fittings for valued customers in all 50 United States, Europe and the Pacific Rim.
Our 75,000 square foot facility is strategically located just outside Chicago, in Lincolnshire, IL. It is from here that we are able to process orders at considerably lower freight costs for our customers. It also enhances our delivery times to both coasts.
Our primary lines include: Brass flare, compression, pipe, garden and barb fittings. We also carry fittings in plastic, stainless and cast; as well as valves, and tubing.
We firmly believe that our greatest asset is our people. They're not only knowledgeable; they also genuinely care about delivering an exceptional customer experience.
We also believe our greatest strength is our product diversity. Many of our customers first came to us because they could not find what they were looking for anywhere else.
Brass is one of the most common materials used for making pipe fittings. Brass as a construction material is an alloy (primarily) of copper and zinc. Brass pipe fittings are in high demand because of some inherent properties which make them superior than other materials. Brass fittings are for carrying water, flammable gases, slurries, chemicals, fire sprinkler systems, etc. Pipe Fittings made of brass are available in a wide variety of shapes and thread sizes to connect, control or adapt any air or liquid flow in a pipe or tube.
Brass fittings are used in industrial and residential applications because they are strong and durable. The advantages of brass for fittings include its good corrosive resistance, and also its plating, joining, polishing and finishing characteristics. Brass as a material is easily machined and so can be given any shapes of the various types of fittings available.
Brass Offers Good Corrosion Resistance From Water and Heat and Resists Attack From Salt Water and Acids, Minerals and Peaty Soils Contained in Water.
Relative Softness of Metal Provides for a Tight Seal and Ease of Installation.
Brass provides a more solid platform (vs. plastics) to facilitate the flow of liquids and gas both in reduction and direction.
Brass fittings have excellent high temperature ductility and a reasonable cold ductility.
Couplings Company, Inc. 570 Bond St. Lincolnshire, IL 60069
Tel 847/634-8990 Fax 847/634-9282
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